CAST-IRON: The Ideal Material
for Barbecue Grills and Smokers

Cook n Kettle
Cook n Kettle COOK ‘N’ KETTLE – The kettle shape is for efficiency and even heat circulation. The dome lid reflects heat back to the food. Now, surrounded by heat from all sides, meat is tender, juicy and well-flavored with very little effort by the “chef”.

No other barbecue product will do for your food what Cook ‘N’ Kettle can! These features and benefits make Cook ‘N’ Kettle the best value on the market.
• Cast-iron construction and cast-iron lid reflect heat to cooking surface allowing the meat to cook quicker and more evenly on all sides, and to help it retain its juices.

• Cast-iron grill surface heats fast and sears in juices and flavors deliciously.

• Cast-iron construction and kettle shape for efficiency to slow smoke for 12 hours without adding fuel.

• Adjustable top and bottom dampers allow for precise temperature control.

• “Cool” handle and lid-hook for easy handling.

• No clean up, simply close dampers to put out fire and save remaining charcoal.

• Durable construction keeps this kettle cooking for 40 years or more – with minimal care.

• Economical fuel-efficient cast-iron quality allows you to reap quick savings on charcoal and wood.

• Versatile...Grill, roast barbecue, slow smoke, and rotisserie.